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Aluminium Composite Awning

We provide aluminium composite awning in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley. Modified polyethylene plastic is the main layer in the middle and encloses with non-flammable aluminium layers on both sides of aluminium composite awning.

The aluminium composite awning is with high heat resistant, strong, durable, sound-proofing, and maintenance. Besides, aluminium composite awning alsocapable for all trend, and modern design possibilities for the building decoration, thus satisfying the customers.

Mostly, home use aluminium composite awningfor external roofing of buildings, for heat and rain insulation. Other than that, business owner use aluminium composite awning as signage function. It has excellent degree of load bearing.

Aluminium composite awnings are very easy to install and only require a short time. We provide free quotation on aluminium composite awning. We alsosupplies and installationaluminium composite awning forall residential buildings and offices in Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Call or email us now to get more information about our awning products and services.